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Start by logging in to a Social Network (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).
After that, click on “Create” to choose the page or the hashtag of which you want to show the posts.

  • From Facebook you can aggregate public pages posts.
  • From Twitter you can aggregate user tweets or hashtag.
  • From Instagram you can aggregate hashtag.

Once created the feed, the download starts automatically and the social messages will be downloaded at regular intervals.

By clicking on "Schedule" you can set the display time of each feed source based on hours, days, and time periods.

In “Moderation“, you can select (approve/reject) the best from the downloaded posts. 

You can flag the message auto approval icon to automatically approve all messages that do not contain bad words.

You can import a dictionary of bad words for any supported language or add particular bad words manually (Path: Moderation/Bad words).

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