In this short guide I will explain to you how to create a multi-area layout similar to what you can see in the picture.


Click on Layout, on the left column of the platform.
Then choose the configuration you prefer to display content (and press on Next).

You can change the configuration whenever you want, by clicking on Layout.

After that you have to decide the various applications to associate with each area of the layout you choose, by selecting the applications in the drop-down menu associated with each area.

Each selected application appears inside the screen on the right.

You can see applications in the respective areas they are associated with.

You can also associate a background to the player (screen).


  1. Each application can be associated only with one player area: for example, if we associate the Weather application with the Side area (left), we cannot associate it also with the Main area (center); simply, if you select the Weather app for an area, you will not be able to select the same app in the menu of another area.
  2. Each application can be associated only with specific areas: for example, you cannot select the SocialSlide application in the drop-down list of the Side and Footer areas.

In this example, we chose a configuration with 3 areas, associating each area with some applications, specifically:

  • Main: SlideShow; SocialSlide
  • Footer: Banner
  • Side: Weather

Once you have selected the applications you prefer for each area, click on Save (bottom right).

You can change the association whenever you want, by clicking on Layout.

The applications you select will automatically be enabled: you can find them individually in the left column and all together by clicking on Home (left column).

Now, you only have to manage content for each of the selected applications, following the advice that the system provides step by step: for example, the images to be uploaded in the Banner application (area Footer) should have a resolution of approximately 10% of the screen resolution (height).

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