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The Interactivity defines the behaviour of the device when it receives an event from one of the available sources.

For instace a device can play a channel on event such GPIO or turn off the screen on UPD command. This happens in the meanwhile the device is playing channels into the related zones of the screen.

Event sources

  • GPIO
  • UDP
  • Http
  • Timer
  • Serial

The supported sources vary by the device model and installed WallSign application version.

Event actions
Each event specifies one or more actions to execute. 

The supported actions are:

  • Play 
  • Play once
  • Stop
  • Reboot player
  • Turn on/off the screen
  • Send HDMI-CEC

The play/stop actions support as target a zone and a channel. The channel depends by the selected zone.

When the device execute the play action, it stops the playing content on the target zone and play the selected channel. When the channel reaches the end, it can loop and plays the content again or stops in case of “Play once”. Then the device restart to play the schedule channels of the zone.

If a new event with the same action is received while the previous is still in execution, the device in case of “Play once”, restarts to play channel from the begin or stops the current playing content skipping to the next one.

The “Default” channel means the channel scheduled on the zone. This example shows how to play a content on GPIO port 0 on down, and on up trigger return to play the schedule channel:

On GPIO port 0 down event-> Action Play on Zone main Channel Demo
On GPIO port 0 up event -> Action Play on Zone main Channel Default

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