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How to import YouTube video and how it is played?

The Media section allows to import a YouTube video simply pasting its url.

Open YouTube selecting the video to import. Press the right click of mouse over the video and select “Copy Video Url”. 

Paste the url into the Video Url field, and type video title and description.

Then the YouTube video will be imported into the Media contents.

Player version required

YouTube native player is supported by BrightSign application 2.3.4 or later and Android, LG, Web player 3.2.8 or later.

YouTube native player may be not supported by some Android devices.

Playlist support

In order to play a YouTube playlist copy and paste its url into the Video Url field. Get the url from the sharing popup of the playlist. The playlist url should be in the following format:

Everytime the playlist ends, YouTube will update its content automatically.


In order to be  compliance with YouTube policy, there are some limitations for the video playing:

  • YouTube video is not downloaded by the player device: so the offline playback is not avaliable. A permanent network connection is required for a continuous playback of the video.
  • When the video starts, YouTube displays for few second some information about it.
  • In case of firewall or proxy, please check that the YouTube video domains are allowed.
  • Video subtitles depend on YouTube video settings and if enabled cannot be hidden.
  • The video quality is automatically selected by YouTube: it depends by the internet connection speeds. YouTube videos in HD quality requires a minimum of a 5 to 6 Mbps. An Internet connection slower than the minimum could mean a fuzzy picture, slow downloading, or frequent interruptions while the video buffers.
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