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Publish Contents on your Player

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Few simple steps to deliver your contents on the screen:

  • Install your Player
  • Create Channel and assign it to the Player
  • Upload your Contents and publish into your Channel

Basically, channel is a container of contents assigned to one or more areas of the screen (such as main, sidebar, footer).

You can think it as a TV broadcasting.

In this example we have 4 areas: background, main, sidebar and footer.
We can assign to each one of these different channels
or the same.

Each channel contains several types of resources as images, videos, web pages, texts, and social messages, and be assigned to one or more players.

In the same way, a player can be assigned to multiple channels, depending on its layout (how many areas are on the screen).

To create a new channel just click on the relevant icon and give it a name.

This icon is used to change the view type between 2 options: icons and details. Concepts and procedures are the same, choose which one you like most!

By clicking on the tag icon, you can manage your areas by grouping them through keywords: in this way, the research will be easier.

By clicking on “Schedule” you can set the display time of each channel based on hours, days, and time periods.

Once you have created the channel, clicking on “Manage” you’ll be able to assign to it players, resources and social messages.

When you assign one or more players (screens)to a channel, you have to select it and then the area where to display the contents. The area list depends by the layout.

When you assign one or more resources or social feeds to a channel, you have to select it. Type the tags into the search bar to find resources and social messages easily.

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