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WallSign for PADS4

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WallSign provides an application that connects the content stored on the cloud with PADS4 player through the data provider object.

WallSign allows the user to store any media content like video and images on the cloud, inside a specific area named “channel”.

This application, named WallSign for PADS, that you can get here, downloads the content of each channel assigned to the PADS4 player in a local folder.

Each folder located on the PADS player, will contain the content of each channel, like images, video, and so on, and will be automatically updated when the user makes some changes on the WallSign platform.

How to install WallSign for PADS?

First of all, install and run this .exe file: an activation phrase will appear on the related screen.

Login into the WallSign dashboard at

Go to Players section on the top menu, and click on Manage.
Then click Add and select PADS4.

Now enter the activation phrase and give a name to your player.
You can also assign your player to channels right now.

After that, the activation phrase window will disappear, showing only the last update.

Now you can manage your PADS4 player.

How to connect data provider to channel content?

Go to Channels section on the top menu.

Then choose the channel you want to associate with your player (for example, Main).

Click on Players and select your PADS4 player.

Automatically, WallSign for PADS will create a folder associated with the channel (in this case Main) where it will download all the contents of that channel.

NB. The WallSign for Pads folder and its subfolders will only be created in players with Windows operating system.

  • media.xml is a media RSS file format that contains the playlist of media files.
  • socialmedia.json is a file that contains all social messages of your feeds.

Going to Players section on the top menu of your dashboard, you can see the preview of your player and which channels are associated with it.

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