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SyncPool player

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This special player, creates a synchronization mechanism between different players so that each player moves on to play the next contents at the same time.

A SynchPool object contains the players to synchronize and one of them is identified as the master players that drivers the synchronization. Every time the master player ends to play a content, send and event to the other SyncPool members which move on to the next content. The sync event can be reach the slave members during the playing of images, video or other contents: once the event has been received, the player stops immediately the current content and plays the next.

The SyncPool players should have assigned different channels and contents to display. For instance the master plays the videos; the other players play images related to the current playing video. When video ends and the player moves on to the next video, all the other players will display the images relalted to the new video.

NOTE: it’s really important that all the player into the SyncPool have the same firmware version.

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