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Every accounts has at least one user, who is invariably its owner: this the Administator. To add an additional user, click Add a new user. You can also edit, remove, and remove user accounts from Users area.

When adding a new user, specify a user name, email and password, along with one or more roles for the user. . The effective permissions for a user are the union of permissions for all applied roles. Permissions only grant operations to a user; they never deny them

Creating users in WallSign allows you to add users with different roles and access privileges the platform. The roles determine what permissions a user has on your site, in other words, what operations they are allowed to perform.

Once created, a user will be able to log in with this parameters: organization, username (email) and password.

WallSign allows to give users restricted access to the platform functionalities as:

  • Manage Players
  • Manage Channels
  • Manage Resources
  • Manage SocialMedia
  • Manage tags

You can add more than Administrator users which have access to all platform functionalities.

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