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Player and the Synczone mode

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The Synchronize Zones is a special behaviour of the player about how to play the contents assigned to the zones of the layout.
Suppose that you need to display some information about cities as NewYork, Rome, Paris and so on.  For each city you have some videos, images and text information to display. The layout has three different zones: Video, Side and Crawl zone: your request is display the city contents into the different zones in sync. That means video, images and texts of NewYork are displayed together and then images, videos and texts of the next city. When the zone with the longest duration in time ends, the Player goes to the next city.

This is the SyncZone mode: it allows to display different contents of a channel into different zones together and goes to the next channel when the zone with the longest duration ends.

Once you have prepared the contents, you simply create a channel for each contents group: in our example a channel contains the video, images and text for each city.

Then assign the ‘cities’ channels to the player and enable the Synczone mode into the player settings.
The player automatically assigns the contents to the layout zones according with their type: video will be assigned to the Video zone or to a zone that supports the video displaying, images to Side zone or  to a zone that supports images and so on.

This feature is supported only by BrightSign Pro player and can display only Video, Images and Text contents.

Is it possible display contents of the same type into different zones ? 

Yes, suppose that you have a layout with 3 zones layouted into three columns. The first is a Video zone and the remaining are two Side zones.
If you create a channel with images and video you need to tell to the player how the contents are assigned to the zones: define the contents rules assignment.

In order to create the rules, open the player setting and press the “Contents rules assignment” button, placed into the “Playing option” section.

A table describes for each layout zone’s how the contents are assigned: default is “Automatically”. Pressing the edit button, you can change the default rule and create yours. 

A dropdown shows some predefined rules as:

  • Automatic assignement
  • Contains tags: select the contents by specific tags
  • Name starts with: select the contents which name start with a word
  • Name ends with: select the contents which name end with a word
  • Name contains: select the contents which name a word
  • By content type: select the contents by its type
  • Custom: define a custom conents selection

All of the rules as default are not case sensitive matching tags, content name.

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